Welcome To The Rainbows Room

That feeling of leaving your baby in ‘some one else’s’ care as they say, we understand this feeling as most of us have children and have been through the same thought processes. This is where we really come to the forefront, we ensure your baby is cared for with the utmost care and follow your routine with them for consistency throughout. We only ever have 3 babies in at the same time, this allows us to pay individual attention to each baby.

Change can be a daunting aspect for adults ,let alone children, so with this in mind we have devised this guide which will provide you with all the information you need to help ease the transition of your baby in to nursery life. It will also provide you with important information on all you need to know about life in the babies section, from staff members to routines.

Need To Know

All parents are to bring in their own child’s nappies, staff will make you aware when they are running low and you are to replenish them at the earliest opportunity.

Weaning and Milk
Fresh milk will be provided by the nursery, however parents are advised to bring their own powder milk measured for each feed.
If your baby is on box food, that is to be provided by parents, otherwise if your child is weaning we blend the daily menu items for them.

The routine in the babies section is tailored around your home routines. We understand each child has their own routine, which we use to follow during nursery time, so as your child develops they can be slowly nurtured in to the nursery routines, hence making the transition easier to the toddlers section when the time comes.

Activities and Planning
A full list of activities and planning can be seen on the planning board in the babies section.

Trips and Outings
We will be going on regular outings and trips, so if you could ensure you always bring a coat and we will let you know in advance if we need the pram or pushchair.

We look forward to our journey working together in developing the future of our little Tudors.