“I was fortunate enough to have my daughter at Tudor House Nursery and I can not  speak highly enough of the nursery and its staff! Everyone treats the children with the greatest respect and understanding and there is a real warmth that could only come from a genuine love of children and desire to make their experiences at the nursery as fun and as inspiring as possible. Thank You”

– Safaa Patel’s Mum & Dad

“I am very grateful to all the staff for planting a foundation close to home. My Daughter has not cried at all and she loves her new nursery, she has made lots of friends and the teachers are extremely helpful, thank you for building my daughters future”

– Khadeejah Valli’s Mum & Dad

“A heartfelt thank you to all at Tudor House Day Nursery, with an extra warm appreciation to the management for all their support in accommodating my child’s needs, (ps. Also for providing super delicious meals, as now my cooking is not good enough). Hafsa Noor has developed a lot throughout her time at nursery and am very grateful to her key workers”

– Hafsa Noor’s Mum & Dad

“As a new parent at Tudor House Nursery, I found the staff very welcoming and friendly. My daughter settled in straight away with the help of staff, she has learnt a lot and loves coming to nursery, she asks me every morning ‘mummy can I go nursery?’ Thank you for being so welcoming.”

– Afiyah Patel’s Mum and Dad

“Jibrail was one of the first students who started at Tudor House when there was only 3 children, soon it was a classful. Amazing staff and management and an excellent community nursery in the heart of the community. Although we have now moved I don’t mind coming from the other side of town to drop him off, Thank You for making it a wonderful friendly atmosphere”

– Jibrail Musa’s mum and dad